Telltale Signs That Your Pipes Need A Camera Evaluation

Drain clogs, leaky pipes, and toilets that flood are common plumbing problems. While many household plumbing problems can be fixed with some drain cleaner and a plunger, other issues may be hard to solve and need the expertise of a residential plumber. A plumber can evaluate your plumbing system with a video camera inspection so that even the smallest problems can be detected and fixed before they become catastrophic. Here are some telltale signs that your plumbing needs a camera evaluation.

What To Do About "Slow" Drains

The slow drain is not a new phenomenon for many homeowners. Many people have encountered or are currently dealing with a drain that seems suspiciously slow. A slow drain is not supposed to be the norm, and if you have one in your house, it's a good idea to do something about it. A slow drain can make it difficult to use your sink and gives scum time to stick to the side.

What To Do About A Broken Toilet Handle

Toilet handles are not the most robust things in the bathroom. Many people are familiar with that feeling of pulling down on the handle only for it break off or for nothing to happen as the handle dangles loosely from its hole in the cistern. Luckily, dealing with toilet handles isn't the toughest thing in the world. As long as you have the right tools with you, you can easily repair the broken handle and flush to your heart's content.

Common Problems You Might Experience With Your Garbage Disposal

When you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink and get used to having one, it can be hard to live without one. Garbage disposals are handy and great to have, but they can experience problems from time to time. Here are the three most common problems people experience with their garbage disposals. It Will Not Turn On The first problem you may encounter is the garbage disposal not turning on.