4 Common Causes Of Sewer Backups

When it comes to things you don't want to happen to your home, a sewer backup is likely to rank in the top 5 things you don't want to experience. The amount of damage that a sewer backup can cause to your home can be quite astronomical. One of the first things you should do if you discover that you have a sewer backup is to find out the cause of said backup.

2 Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid When Unclogging Your Toilet

There's no convenient time for your toilet to overflow, and it's understandable to want to fix a clogged or slow-running toilet as fast as you can to avoid a messy overflow. However, it's easy to make a mistake that could harm your toilet and your pipes in an attempt to fix the problem quickly. It's understandable that you would want to grab the nearest available clog remedy, and preferably one that seems simple to use, but it's important to remember that the toilet is a special case, and that things that work in your kitchen sink may not be such a good idea when used in a toilet.

Fix It And Forget It! Common Plumbing And Septic Issues

As a homeowner, you are most likely aware of the various tasks necessary to keep your home clean and valuable. From mowing the lawn and shampooing your carpet to replacing a worn roofing shingle, it is easy to see the stress of home maintenance. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough time and effort into your home's plumbing. Considering your plumbing and septic system are imperative parts of your home's value and family's needs, ensuring toilets and drains are clean and in good condition is essential.

Four Problems That Can Affect The Water Pressure In Your Shower

It can be beyond frustrating to step into the shower after a long day and to be rewarded with only a trickle of water. The cause of low water pressure, especially when it's affecting only one fixture, is usually a repairable complaint. This guide can help you find the cause so you can repair it yourself or schedule a repair. Problem #1: Clogs and Mineral Deposits This is most common in areas with hard water, although it can happen almost anywhere.

Mildewy Air Conditioner? How To Make Your HVAC System Stop Smelling Like A Swamp

You might be vigilant about mopping the floor and dusting, but unfortunately, most people take their air conditioning unit and duct work completely for granted. Your air conditioner, filters, and vents put up with being ignored most of the time, but after a while, even they get sick of it. They will tell you so, not with words, but with smell. Moldy, mildewy, swampy odors are your air conditioner's way of telling you that their patience has run out.