4 Reasons Why You Should Never Do Sewer Repair Yourself

You should never attempt sewer repair yourself. The professionals go into the sewers for all kinds of reasons, not just to clear giant clogs in sewer pipes. They know what they are doing. If you need further encouragement to let professionals do their work, here are some reasons why you should never DIY your own sewer repair. 1. The Sewers Are Public Property With the exception of the pipe that leads from your home (and the neighbors' homes) to the city sewer line, the rest of the sewer pipes underground are public property.

Seasonal Home Tips

Each season, there are things you need to do around your house to properly prepare it for the up and coming weather trends. This article will educate you on some of the ways you can best prepare your home for the approaching weather as the seasons change. Preparing for the summer months As summer approaches, you want to reset the timer on your sprinkler system, so they go off later. This way, you won't have to worry about burning the grass due to it being watered while it is still sunny and hot outside.

2 Ways To Protect Your Pipes From The Winter Cold

One of the biggest dangers to your pipes in the winter is the cold temperatures. Cold temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze and burst. Cold weather can cause damage to the seals and joints of your pipe, and cold weather can make your water cold than it needs to be as well. You can fight by against the cold weather by taking proactive steps to protect your pipes. Insulate Your Pipes

It's A Watery Mess: 3 Plumbing Problems You Could Face After A Flood

If your home's been hit by a recent flood, you could have hidden plumbing problems. You might not realize this, but any type of flood can destroy your plumbing. However, when it comes to plumbing troubles, they're not always apparent right away. Unfortunately, that means those plumbing problems could pop up when you least expect them. One of the best ways to avoid unexpected plumbing problems after a flood is to have your plumber come out for an inspection.

How To Ensure That Your House Guests Will Be Comfortable When You Will Not Be In Your Home

Have circumstances come up that means you won't be in your home while you have house guests? Perhaps you planned that situation for specific reasons. For example, if you will be on an extended vacation, you may have arranged for trusted friends or family members to watch your house while you are away. For whatever reason, here are some ideas that will ensure that your house guests will be comfortable when you will not be in your home: