Reasons Why Your Pipes Can Burst During the Summer

Some homeowners think that burst pipes are an issue that they should only worry about during the winter. This can create a false "comfort zone" that may put them at risk for burst pipes during the summer, which is another time of year that may have extreme temperatures depending on where you are located. This is an alarming fact because many families may elect to vacation during the summer months leaving their homes unattended. This can mean a plumbing disaster because of the potential for water damage. 

One key point to keep in mind is that a burst pipe can happen at any time because there are factors other than seasonal issues that can cause plumbing system issues which result in burst pipes. The following points represent some potential causes of pipe bursting.

Growing Tree Roots

You might think of the trees on or near your property as beautiful. If you have lived in your home for many years, older trees may have sentimental value. This is one reason that some homeowners do not cut down certain trees on their properties. Despite their aesthetic appeal and in some cases rich histories, trees can wreak havoc on plumbing systems when their water-seeking roots extend into drain lines. 


Pipes may form rust, and the rust will break down the structural integrity of the pipes. The first sign of this might be water leaks, which can be undetected depending on their location. This why plumbing inspections and maintenance are paramount and the best protection against pipe bursting. Another sign of a corrosion issue is a change in the color of your water. It may appear to have a brownish or yellowish tinge in it if a rust problem exists. 

Extreme Temperatures

The hot temperature from the sun can create situations that can cause issues with pipes. If there is a drought, it can cause the earth to dry out and this change can cause underground shifting to occur, which may compromise the integrity of pipes and cause them to burst. 

A 24/7 emergency plumber is a good resource to use if you are home when a burst pipe situation occurs. You can mitigate some of the potential hazards and damages that burst pipes present by educating yourself and family members of the appropriate age on the location of your water shut-off valve and how to use it. A plumber can demonstrate this for you so that you are prepared if this ever happens to you. They can also recommend and install plumbing accessories such as water sensors in your home.