How To Tell If Your Home's Well Water Pump Has A Problem

Does your home use well water rather than a municipal source provided by your city? If so, you'll want to be doing all you can to keep the water flowing, since it is your responsibility to maintain the well pump. That's why it's so important to understand the warning signs that you are experiencing a problem with your home's well water pump.

Sudden Pressure Loss

One common sign of having a well water pump problem is when your faucets experience a loss in water pressure. When this happens, it can typically be blamed on the well water pump's main motor starting to fail. This motor needs to move the water to your home at the correct rate so that you have the proper water pressure for bathing or just have enough water coming out of your faucets to fill a pot quickly. You'll likely notice that the water pressure is fine one day, and then the next day, all of the faucets in your home are having water pressure issues. If this is happening to you, contact a plumber in your area to help repair the pump.

Air Release From Faucets

Another problem is when you notice that your faucets are distributing a mix of water and air when you use them. This can make it problematic to use the water as it sputters out of the faucets with big blasts of air spraying it in different directions. This will happen when your well water pump isn't in the water completely. Instead of only taking in the water, it is taking in that mix of water and air. You'll need help having the pump repositioned to get the water flowing properly once again. 

Large Electric Bill

Have you noticed that your electric bill has suddenly jumped up more than it usually does? This can be caused by your well water pump running continuously. It's something that you do not easily notice, since you'll have water pressure that seems completely normal, but the pump will be running all the time because something is wrong with it. You'll need to have the pump repaired, which could be as simple as replacing the motor switch. You likely will not need to replace the pump, since it is clearly still operating and providing water at the proper pressure.

If you feel like you are having problems related to your home's well water pump, contact a local plumbing contractor for assistance with making the repair.