Dealing With A Sink That Is Slow To Drain? Figure Out What Is Going On And How To Fix It

Do you have a sink that is slow to drain? When you are running water to wash your face, wash your hands, or even handwash a few of your dishes, you may notice that the water sits there for a while before it slowly goes down the drain. When you notice this is happening, it is best to contact a plumber before the problem gets to the point that the water does not go down the drain at all. If you ignore the problem because the water does go down the drain eventually, it will only end up turning into a bigger problem that eventually leads to unwanted standing water in the sink.

Why Would a Sink Stop Draining Properly?

You may wonder why the water in your sink is not draining properly. It is usually because of several different issues that can go wrong at once. The first and most common reason for a sink that drains slowly is a clogged drain. When a drain is clogged, water has a difficult time going down easily, and that is why you would end up with more water in your sink when it is supposed to go down the drain. Many things can cause a clogged drain in a sink, including grease from food that you have prepared, particles of food left on plates that you washed, and soap scum from all the soap you use when washing your hands. You can end up with a clogged drain and a clogged P-trap, which is the twisted pipe found underneath the kitchen sink.

How Do You Fix the Problem With the Drain?

When you contact a plumber to help with your drain, the plumber may want to use an endoscope that goes down the drain and provides images of what is going on inside of it. The endoscope lets the plumber know what is going on down there. When there is a clog that is keeping water from getting through, various techniques are used to remove the buildup inside the drains. The plumber will likely need to detach the P-trap from the rest of the pipes and empty it to get rid of the buildup inside of it. The plumber may also use assorted equipment to help clear out the pipes, including an auger and a pressure pump that works even better than a traditional plunger.

If the water takes a long time to go down the drain inside your sink, let a plumber take a look at it. You likely have a clogged drain and a clogged P-trap. The plumber can use advanced technology to find out what is going on inside the pipes. Once the plumber knows what is happening, he or she can use assorted tools to solve this issue for you.