Telltale Signs That Your Pipes Need A Camera Evaluation

Drain clogs, leaky pipes, and toilets that flood are common plumbing problems. While many household plumbing problems can be fixed with some drain cleaner and a plunger, other issues may be hard to solve and need the expertise of a residential plumber. A plumber can evaluate your plumbing system with a video camera inspection so that even the smallest problems can be detected and fixed before they become catastrophic. Here are some telltale signs that your plumbing needs a camera evaluation.

Sewer Gas Smell Or Backup

Homeowners should not smell sewer gas in their homes, not even in the basement. If you do smell it, you may have a crack in your sewer line. The smell of sewer gas infiltrating your home is bad enough, but if raw sewage starts backing up into your drains, you've really got a problem.

Normally sewage flows down the pipes; however, if it flows upward into your sinks, tub, toilet, or basement floor, you'll need to call a residential plumber as soon as possible. If the raw sewage is coming from only one of your drains, chances are, only that drain is clogged. If, however, you see sewage in your toilet each time you flush or if it's backing up in all your drains, you probably have a problem with the sewer line. 

An Unusually Beautiful Lawn

If your lawn looks unusually lush and green, you might have a crack in your septic tank or sewer line. While most homeowners never correlate a lush, green lawn with plumbing problems, they should know that vegetation such as grass, trees, flowers, and other plants will often flourish around raw sewage leaks.

If your landscaping looks especially picturesque, take a walk around your yard and look for standing water around your septic tank, which can buildup from a leaky or cracked sewer line. If you do find standing sewer water, don't step in it because it's loaded with bacteria and can make you, your family, and pets sick if it's tracked into your home. Also, do not allow your children or pets to play on the lawn until your plumber or landscaper deems it safe to do so. 

If you smell sewer gas in or around the perimeter of your home, or if raw sewage is backing up into your drains or if your landscaping looks unusually perfect, call a residential plumber. He or she will perform a video camera inspection of your system so that your plumbing problems can be quickly identified and addressed.