What To Do About A Broken Toilet Handle

Toilet handles are not the most robust things in the bathroom. Many people are familiar with that feeling of pulling down on the handle only for it break off or for nothing to happen as the handle dangles loosely from its hole in the cistern.

Luckily, dealing with toilet handles isn't the toughest thing in the world. As long as you have the right tools with you, you can easily repair the broken handle and flush to your heart's content.

Is the Handle Broken or Loose?

A broken toilet handle isn't the same as one that has come loose. However, fixing a loose handle might be more difficult in some cases. The toilet handle is usually attached to the flushing system with a wire or rope, and sometimes, this wire can break or simply disconnect from the handle or the flushing system.

If the wire disconnects from the handle, all you'll need to do is reconnect it. If the wire is broken, you'll have to replace it. However, connecting the wire back to the flushing system can be quite challenging. Without the right tools and know-how, you'll need to call a plumbing repair expert. As long as the toilet handle isn't broken, there's no need to replace it.

Buy a New Toilet Handle

If the toilet handle is broken and not just loose, you'll need to buy a replacement. Luckily, new toilet handles are usually inexpensive. Ensure that you buy something that's of good quality or you'll be replacing it again in the near future.

In many cases, you won't be able to only buy the part that was broken. You'll need to buy a set of parts. If you're replacing one part of the handle, it's a good idea to replace the others as well.

Leave it to a Professional

Fixing a broken toilet handle should be simple enough in most cases, but this doesn't make it any less of an inconvenience when the time comes. Additionally, the job may require certain tools that you don't have around the house.

Instead of inconveniencing yourself with these repairs, you can just ask a plumber to fix the problem for you. Additionally, many modern toilets don't come with the regular handles that most of us are familiar with. Repairing or replacing the buttons or handles that you find in modern toilets will require an expert who knows how these systems operate.

For more information, contact a plumber near you.