A Foul Odor From The Plumbing System

Does your house have a foul odor, and you can't pinpoint where it is coming from? Has the plumbing system ever backed up to the extent of waste flowing out of drains and toilets? If so, you might simply need to hire a professional cleaning service to thoroughly clean the floors. If waste from the plumbing system has never overflowed out of drains, there is the possibility that the foul odor stems from the lines needing to be cleaned. Continue reading this article if you want to learn more about getting rid of foul odors that are caused from a problematic plumbing system.

Plumbing Lines Might Be Damaged

If there are damaged plumbing lines within the system, they might be the reason for the foul odor in your house. Basically, the lines can prevent waste from going all the way through to the main sewer line that is located outside. For instance, if the pipes are made of metal and are all bent up, waste can easily get trapped in the lines and produce a foul odor. Contact a residential plumbing expert so he or she can inspect the lines with special equipment to determine if they are damaged or not. You might need to get new lines installed so the plumbing system can begin running smoothly.

Get All of the Lines Professionally Cleaned

It is only normal for plumbing lines to accumulate oil and debris after being installed for a long time. Although you can pour cleaning products into the drains to clean them out, they are not usually powerful enough to do a thorough job. It is important to get all of the lines thoroughly cleaned by a plumber to keep the system functional. Basically, a plumber can use a series of tools and products to get the job done to your satisfaction. Jetting the system is one of the cleaning methods that is commonly used by professional plumbers.

Don't Place Certain Products Down Drains

The products that you have been placing down your drains can be contributing to the foul odor in your house. For instance, do you pour cooking oil down the drains after using it to cook your meals? If so, the dirty oil can cause a foul odor to come out of the drains. Allowing food to go into the drains is another thing that can result in your house having a foul odor. Try to keep everything out of the drains that has the potential of thickening up or decaying inside the plumbing lines.