What To Do When Your Toilet Bowl Takes Too Long To Fill Up With Water

If you spend more time waiting for your toilet bowl to fill up with water than anything else, do something about it. Toilet bowls should fill up with enough water to flush waste and toilet paper down the trap and closet bend. But if the jets beneath the bowl's rim plug up with hard water minerals and slime, water can't filter into the bowl properly. Here's what you do when your toilet bowl takes too long to fill up with water.

Unplug the Jets

Jets are tiny perforations, also called inlet holes or ports, that sit just below the bowl's rim. Inlet holes allow water from the tank to gradually leak into the bowl after you flush the toilet. Over time, hard water minerals, gunk, and bacteria can plug up the jets. The plugs prevent water from entering the bowl properly.

Cover your hands with gloves, then use a hard-bristled scrubbing brush to unplug the inlet holes. If the brush doesn't clear the jets, you can try inserting the end of a bobby pin into the holes to unclog them. Clean the jets with a bleach-free toilet bowl cleaner to complete the job. Bleach can deteriorate the rubber components inside the bowl and tank so you want to avoid using it. 

Flush the toilet to see if it fills up properly. If the bowl still takes too long to fill up, call a plumber.

Schedule a Professional Plumbing Inspection

Toilets won't fill up properly with water if there's something wrong with the tank. The fill valve, flapper, flush lever, and other parts may be damaged and in need of replacing. Although you can replace each piece yourself, allow a plumber to perform the plumbing systems installations for you. If you install or connect the parts incorrectly, it may cause your toilet to overflow.

In addition, you may have other issues with your toilet that requires the expertise of a plumber. For example, there may be a clog in the closet bend or loose connection in the sewer line beneath the toilet. A plumber can check every location in your toilet for possible problems.

After the repairs, be sure to keep the toilet bowl rim clean and sanitized. Regular maintenance can help keep the ports from clogging up. If you encounter any other problems with your toilet bowl, contact a plumber right away.

If you require immediate services for your toilet, contact a plumber today.