What's In Your Drains? 3 Things A Good Drain Cleaning Can Get Rid Of For You

If you haven't had your drains cleaned in a while, you may be surprised by what could be hiding in them. Unfortunately, some of the things that are hiding in your drains, might not stay hidden. In fact, some of the things might come right up into your home when you're least expecting it. If you're still not planning on having your drains cleaned anytime soon, you might want to take a look at some of the things that might be residing down there.

Greasy Grimy Slime

When your drains were first installed, they were clean and shiny. Unfortunately, they didn't stay that way for long. Years of grease, hair, decaying food, and toilet paper and feces have built up inside your drains, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to back right up into your home. You can try to clean your drains by yourself by flushing them with hot water, but that's not going to alleviate the problem. To remove the greasy grimy slime, you're going to need to have your drains cleaned.

Creepy Crawly Bugs

When you think of bug problems, you probably think about the ones that are crawling around your yard. You can spray your cabinets and the perimeter of your home to keep them away. However, that's not going to do a thing to get rid of the bugs that are living in your drains. That's right; bugs are living in your drains. You could have roaches, stink bugs, and spiders inside those drains. In fact, you might even have worms and salamanders in your drains. Unfortunately, no amount of pesticide spray is going to kill the bugs that are living in your drains. For that, you're going to need to have them cleaned. A thorough cleaning will get rid of all the creepy crawly bugs that call your drains home.

Nasty Smelly Odors

As if bugs and slime weren't bad enough, you could be harboring some pretty nasty odors in your drains. They're not going to stay in your drains either. Eventually, those odors are going to come sneaking back up into your home. When they do, your home is going to start smelling like the inside of a sewer system. Pouring lemon juice down your drains isn't going to cure the problem either. To get rid of the nasty smelly odors, you'll need to have a plumber come out and clean the drains.

Don't let drain problems invade your home. To make sure your drains aren't hiding bugs, slime and odors, contact a drain cleaning service right away.