3 Issues Your Water Heater Might Experience

Over the years that you live in your home, you will likely give little thought to the water heater that is providing you with a steady supply of hot water. However, there are many issues that can arise with your water heater, and you will want to make sure you have at least a fairly basic understanding of the situations that you may encounter.

1. Unpleasant Smelling Or Visually Dirty Hot Water

The quality of the water that you use in your home is likely a major factor in your overall quality of life. Unfortunately, a water heater can become dirty, and this can lead to your hot water developing foul smells or becoming visually dirty. If you start to notice these issues with your water, you should hire a professional to thoroughly clean and disinfect the water heater. 

This work may need to be done more frequently for homes that use water wells as this source of water will often have higher levels of particulate matter. You can help to reduce this problem by opting to install a filtration system that can remove this debris from the water before it enters your water heater.

2. Lack Of Hot Water

There may come a day when you use your hot water only to find that it is not available or prematurely running out. This can indicate a range of potential problems with the water heater. For example, this issue can be caused by the heating elements failing. Also, thick mineral deposits on the interior of the tank can insulate the water, which will prevent it from being effectively warmed. These problems will often get progressively worse as time passes, and this makes it wise to have the system serviced at the first sign of this problem starting to develop.

3. Leaks

Water leaking out of the reservoir of the water heater can be an extremely damaging problem to have. In addition to harming the water heater by contributing to corrosion, this issue can also cause the home to suffer extensive water damage. While it may seem like these leaks will always be the result of the system suffering a puncture or other breach, it can commonly be traced to a faulty seal or gasket. When this is the source of the leak, repairing the damage will be fairly inexpensive and quick. However, the system has suffered a puncture to the reservoir or other key components, the repairs will likely be more expensive as the component will either need to be completely replaced or patched.

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