Does Your Toilet Sound Like It's Burping? 3 Concerning Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Gurgling

When you flush the toilet, the only sound you should hear is the water going down. If you're hearing anything else – especially gurgling – you're about to experience a plumbing disaster. There are lots of issues that can cause plumbing problems in your home, but when it comes to a gurgling sound coming from your toilet, you're looking at three probably causes. One the good side, you know what the potential cause is. On the bad side, if you don't take care of the issue quickly, you could end up with raw sewage backing up into your home and yard. If your toilets are gurgling or belching up a bit of bubbles once they're done flushing, you're looking at one of the issues described below.

Your Septic Tank is About to Overflow

If you've got a septic tank, and your toilets are gurgling when you flush them, chances are pretty good that your tanks are about to overflow. Most septic systems contain two separate tanks. The first tank holds all the solid waste and the second tank holds all the liquid while it filters through to the leach pit. If your solid tank is filling up too quickly, or it's reached maximum capacity, some of the waste is going to back up into the pipes while it waits to go through. Those gurgles are the similar to the sounds your stomach makes when you've eaten too much food, and there's no more room. Now's the time to have a plumber come out to inspect your septic lines.

Your Sewer Line is Clogged

If you don't have a septic system, you could be experiencing a similar problem with your sewer lines. In fact, you could have a major sewer line clog that's just waiting to back up into your home. If you've noticed the same problem with all your toilets, it's a good idea to try and clear the clog. You can do that with a plumbers snake. Send the plumbers snake down each of your toilets several times to try and clear the problem. If your toilets continue to gurgle, you'll need to head out to the sewer clean-out, which will be outside near your bathroom window. Remove the sewer clean-out cap and send the plumbers snake down through the clean-out pipe. If the issue was inside the pipes, you'll take care of it with the plumbers' snake.

Your Vent Stack is Backed Up

If cleaning the septic, and taking a snake to your sewer lines hasn't stopped the gurgling, the problem is probably located in the vent stacks. Those are the black PVC pipes that are coming out of your roof. To clear a clog in your vent stacks, you can either climb on your roof and send your plumbers' snake through them a couple of times, or you can call your plumber. In most cases, clogs that are affecting the vent stacks are usually somewhere in the middle of the pipe, which means you'll be better off calling your plumber.

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