4 Reasons Why You Should Never Do Sewer Repair Yourself

You should never attempt sewer repair yourself. The professionals go into the sewers for all kinds of reasons, not just to clear giant clogs in sewer pipes. They know what they are doing. If you need further encouragement to let professionals do their work, here are some reasons why you should never DIY your own sewer repair.

1. The Sewers Are Public Property

With the exception of the pipe that leads from your home (and the neighbors' homes) to the city sewer line, the rest of the sewer pipes underground are public property. They belong to the city and are repaired by the city. Citizens attempting to make repairs themselves are essentially trespassing. If you think there is a problem with the sewers near your home, you must call the city's sewer repair hotline.

2. You Do Not Know What You Are Looking For

The labyrinth of sewer tunnels underground is quite complex. Most plumbers and city sewer workers take maps down into the tunnels with them so that they can navigate the tunnels, check for blockages, and examine telecommunication and electrical power lines that run through some tunnels. The plumbers or sewer workers may also examine the maps above ground and take notes for which directions to turn to examine specific tunnels. Additionally, they know what they are looking for as they search for something out of the ordinary.

3. Electrocution

Communication companies run phone, power, and internet lines through the sewers. Because the tunnels make it quite convenient to run these lines, the companies are able to install control boxes too. To protect it all from the filth, rodents, bugs, and sewer water, everything is properly encased in PVC pipes. However, that does not mean that accidents do not happen, and that exposed lines cannot hurt you. Under such circumstances, electrocution is a real danger in the sewers.

4. You Have to Be Licensed to Make Repairs

Plumbers, city sewer workers, civil engineers, and wastewater engineers are all licensed to make sewer repairs. Unless you have a degree in these fields and a license to prove it, you could make a bad situation worse. Doing your own home plumbing repairs is not qualification enough for sewer repair. That said, call any of the above professionals when you suspect that something is not right with the sewer closest to your house. Signs indicative of a problem are street storm drains that are overflowing, and sewage is backing up into your home.