How To Ensure That Your House Guests Will Be Comfortable When You Will Not Be In Your Home

Have circumstances come up that means you won't be in your home while you have house guests? Perhaps you planned that situation for specific reasons. For example, if you will be on an extended vacation, you may have arranged for trusted friends or family members to watch your house while you are away. For whatever reason, here are some ideas that will ensure that your house guests will be comfortable when you will not be in your home:

Think As A Guest Would Think - Of course, you're going to leave the house nice and clean, but there are other things to consider:

  • For example, are there bedside table lamps in the room where your guests will be sleeping? Many people like to read before going to sleep, so making sure there is good lighting would be a thoughtful thing to do.
  • Think about making a list of good restaurants of different price ranges that you have enjoyed. Directions to places like malls and theaters would be helpful, too.
  • Be sure that your guests know where to find things. For example, where is the remote control for the TV kept? Where are extra blankets and other linens? 

Consider Possible Emergencies - Have you ever heard the expression These are the things that happen while you're trying to live your life? Well, that expression could hold true for your house guests, too. Prepare ahead for unexpected problems:

  • Number one on your list should probably be the name of a good plumber in your area. Write down the name of the plumber and the contact information for that service.
  • The great thing about plumbers is that they are usually available for twenty-four hours a day and every day of the year.
  • Plumbers have the training and the right equipment to take on any problem, whether it's a problem like a disposal unit that isn't working or an overflowing toilet, the plumbing maintenance services will be able to remedy the emergency.

Be sure to let your neighbors know that there will be people staying in your home while you are away. Ask a few of them if your house guests can call on them in the event they need assistance. It would also be very helpful to write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of your most trusted neighbors. If you can arrange for your house guests to meet your neighbors, that would just be the frosting on the cake.