5 Features To Consider Adding To Your Portable Toilet Setup

If you are hosting a large-scale event, one of the details you will have to organize is adequate portable toilets for your guests. While you may only be concerned with getting the right number of toilets for your guests, your toilet setup can influence your participants more than you realize. Party-goers will often remember negative toilet experiences while neutral experiences will be quickly forgotten. However, if you you really want your event to stand out, consider going above and beyond with your toilet setup. Below are five features that you should consider opting for when figuring out your portable toilet setup. 

Flushing Toilets 

Flushing toilets give a more luxurious feel than standard portable toilets. They also contain smells better and hide waste from bathroom users, making using the toilet a more pleasant experience. Most portable toilet companies offer flushing toilets for a slightly higher cost. Some will come with a water tank whereas others will require a water hookup for optimal use. 

Lighting Inside the Toilets 

If a bathroom user cannot see the toilet, they are more likely to miss the toilet and cause an unsanitary mess for future users. To help cut down on this, you should make sure your toilets are well-lit. Some toilets can be rented with internal lighting systems that simply need to be hooked up to a generator or a standard electrical outlet. However, even without a lighting system in place, you can light your toilets. Opt for battery-powered lanterns as opposed to glow sticks as lanterns with a white light will make it easier for users to see the toilet. Glow sticks or LED lights can be used as decorative accents, if you like. 

A Vanity Area 

A vanity area usually includes a place to hang a coat or purse and a mirror to freshen up. You can opt to rent toilet units that have an internal vanity. Alternatively, you can construct an external shared vanity outside of your toilets, similar to public restrooms. This is often a better idea because it will give your guests more room to freshen up while making sure that bathroom users move in and out of the toilets quickly, cutting down on long lines. 

Adequate Paper Supplies 

Your toilets should be well-stocked with toilet paper and disposable seat covers. If you have an internal sink for washing hands, there should be paper towels in the portable toilets. Otherwise, paper towels should be provided by the external vanity. You should assign someone to check the toilets periodically and restock the toilets as necessary. Some portable toilet companies offer concierge service which includes a toilet attendant to make sure your toilets never run out of paper products. However, for some events, offering a self-service cabinet filled with paper products can be equally efficient. 

An Amusing Waiting Area

Depending on the size of your event and the amount of liquids being served, it is possible that there will be a long wait for the toilets during the peak hours. To help keep your event attendees amused, consider making the lines or waiting area for the toilets more amusing. You can decorate the area with lights, put up amusing jokes for people to read as they wait in line, or even set up interactive art to keep people amused. This will make the wait seem to pass more quickly and keep your guests in an appropriate mood for the event. 

While ordering toilets may not be your most pressing concern when designing your event, by showing consideration to your bathroom area, you will show your guests that you have thought out the entire event. This can make your event more memorable.