3 Reasons to Have Your Well Inspected Before the Arrival of Your Baby

If you are an expectant parent, then you likely have a long list of things you need to get done before your baby arrives. If it is not already on your list, you should add a basic preventative-maintenance check of your well system by a professional service technician to your list. An annual preventative inspection should only cost you between $100–$120 and will help protect your entire family. Below are three reasons why you should get an inspection done before your baby arrives. 

Ensure You Will Have Running Water While You Have a Newborn 

When you welcome a newborn into your home, you may be surprised by the amount of water you use. While you may decide to only do sponge baths for your baby for the first week or so, you will find that water usage goes up in other areas of your home. For example, you will likely be doing much more laundry, especially if you opt for cloth diapers, and you will most likely use boiling water to sterilize items such as pacifiers, bottles, and toys. 

This additional water use can put extra strain on your well system, so it is important to make certain that your system can handle the extra use before your baby arrives. Additionally, if your system does break down, it can often take several days to schedule a service call, get the correct parts, and repair your system, which would leave you without running water to care for your newborn. To prevent this, make sure that you schedule an inspection before your baby arrives. 

Avoid Costly Repairs When Finances Are Tight 

In general, it is cheaper to complete small repairs in your well system before they create larger problems that are more noticeable to your household. For example, parts in your well pump may be starting to wear down before you notice a lack of water pressure. It is better to replace these parts before they cause the entire system to fail. Completing these less expensive repairs before your baby is due will allow you to budget for the birth of your baby and the items you need to properly care for them without having to worry about a more expensive repair soon after their birth. 

Make Sure Your Water Is Healthy for Everyone in Your Family 

Occasionally, coli-form bacteria, nitrates, and nitrites can build up in your well water to levels that are considered unsafe for human consumption. Although you should have your water tested for these items and any local concerns, such as pesticides, annually, many homeowners neglect this important test. You should make sure you have your water tested when you know a pregnant woman is drinking the water or if you have an infant in the house. This is because high nitrate and nitrite levels are especially dangerous for pregnant women and infants, and you will likely be unaware of issues without a water test. 

If you find that your well has a high level of contaminants, you will have time to either find an alternative water source, such as delivered water or a new well. Alternatively, you may choose to treat your water through reverse osmosis, distillation, or ion exchange. However, this will require that you install additional equipment in your well system, which you will want to do as soon as possible. Until you are able to do so, you should secure an alternative drinking and food-preparation water source for pregnant or nursing women and infants. 

Although you may have many things you are planning to do to prepare for your new baby, you should make sure to budget time and money to get a thorough inspection of your well system.