4 Benefits Of Using A Solar Water Heater For Your Cabin

As you equip your cabin with the luxuries of having access to hot water and lights on demand, you may feel a bit unsure about the types of appliances that work best for this application. Cabins often sit far from the utility connections that deliver gas and electricity directly to the front door. As a result, you may have to embrace technologies that harness that power of the sun to create power and heat. A solar water heater easily produces enough hot water for your cabin without tapping into the gas or electrical lines. Here are the four main benefits you'll receive by embracing solar water heaters.  

Off The Grid Function

By investing in a solar powered water heater, you are taking a big step toward an off the grid lifestyle. After all, reducing your reliance on government-funded utilities is definitely the main aspect of living off the grid. Promoters of this lifestyle enjoy the freedom and stress relief from maintaining control of their livelihood through self-sufficiency. Going off the grid also benefits the overall community as well by reducing demand on public utilities and reducing the focus on consumerism. Each time you use solar power to heat water for your cabin, you can look at your homestead as a producer, not a consumer.

Minimal Impact On Environment

Solar water heaters allow you to create warm to hot water for bathing and cleaning tasks. The hot water sits in the tank or heats up on demand, depending on the model you choose, to feed the taps or appliances that open up a valve. The heating process and water delivery actions all occur without power from gas or electric lines. Since you do not use those utilities during the consumption of hot water, the carbon footprint for your cabin naturally reduces over time. The longer you commit to solar water heating, the smaller your footprint becomes. Further reduce your cabin's effect on the environment by investing in more solar powered devices and minimizing waste output.

Utility Bill Savings

By only utilizing solar power to heat water at your cabin, you can save a significant amount of money each year on your utility bills. Of course, the amount of money you will save directly depends on the amount of time you spend at the cabin. To put that into perspective, households that use solar powered water heaters and an electric backup tank save more than 5,000 dollars throughout the life of their water heaters. You can reduce your reliance on electricity or gas power, and lower your energy bills even further, by reinvesting those savings into additional solar powered systems.

Potential Tax Credits

Tax credits from the government may reimburse up to 30% of your initial solar water heater purchase. As governmental agencies increase their understanding of the benefits of reducing the nation's carbon footprint, additional tax credits may come into effect. You can only claim the tax credit once per alternative energy appliance you place in your cabin. You also must claim the tax credit in the same year you made your appliance purchase to qualify. Keep all receipts for the cost of the water heater and installation to bring to your tax preparation professional.

Determining Your Water Heater Size

You will need to work with your hot water heater supplier or installer to identify the best size for your cabin. Questions you need to reflect on during this decision making process are the number of people and appliances that will use the cabin at one time. The local climate and times of the year you plan to visit the cabin will also factor in. Solar water heaters can only take in and utilize natural energy when the cloud cover allows sunlight to pour down onto the panels.  Therefore, you will need to go to websites and invest in a larger water heater if you will visit the cabin during gloomy winter months or if the area is naturally cloudy or dim.